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Barry and Cathy BeaverBarry and Cathy Beaver have been singing and ministering together for over 30 years. Both were brought up in Christian homes and raised in different churches. Cathy came from a Full Gospel background, was Spirit-Filled at age 13 and grew up firmly established in the Lord.

Barry grew up in a local church and began singing at age 9 with his twin brother, Larry and their Uncle Carlee Henley. Penned as, "The Two Lads And A Man", by Thurrlow Spurr, they traveled locally, singing in churches, concerts and revivals.

After college, Barry met Cathy and they married two months later. They began singing together and the Lord began to establish His ministry in them.

In 1974, they began T.V. production at CBN in Portsmouth, VA to tape "A Cry In the Wilderness" hosted by Cathy's brother, Jeff Wood. The program aired over the CBN Network, Ted Turner's Atlanta Network and ran daily in Charlotte, NC. A few years later, Barry and Cathy did television production for "Together With Love" that aired weekly over the PTL Satellite Network and Dove Broadcasting in Greenville, SC.

It became apparent that all this activity was merely preparation for the years to come as Natalie and Leslie were born to them and their family ministry soon began. Little did Barry and Cathy know the test of faith they would be required to exercise when their precious little Natalie was born. The events surrounding her impossible birth and miraculous healing have been chronicled in their book, "Natalie, The Miracle Child" (Four Love Publishing).

Pat Boone met the family at a concert, was deeply moved at Natalie's story and has written the forward for the book. Several years later, Cathy battled cancer for a year and won! God restored her body to health and shortly thereafter enabled the family to have another daughter, Leslie. Both daughters were anointed of the Lord to sing and minister individually and together with their mom and dad.

The Lord has opened many doors for the Beaver Family to sing and share their miracle testimony to help others learn how to "Keep On Believing". They have been invited guests on the "700 Club" with Pat Robertson, the International "100 Huntley Street" from Canada, Dove Broadcasting, the former PTL Network, TBN, TV-40 in Pittsburgh as well as numerous regional programs.

God has blessed because the Lord gave them their direction one night about a year after Natalie came home from the hospital in 1976, after her miraculous recovery.

Jesus spoke to Cathy one night after much prayer and seeking the Lord. He said, "I have spared your household for a testimony of my power. Now, you have this light. Now, you share this light with others."

Barry, Cathy, Natalie and Leslie have taken the Lord at His Word - to make their ministry His ministry. To give words of life, to mend the broken hearted, to minister to the sick and afflicted.

This family has taken their ordination and direction from the Lord to reach the masses. To IGNITE FAITH, to cause others to learn how to BELIEVE ONLY as Jesus taught His disciples to do.

From as far as Russia and Africa, the story of Natalie has reached countless millions, lifting up the Name of Jesus. Helping others learn how to "Keep On Believing."

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Ministry Outreaches

  • Conference Speakers
  • Schools
  • Prisons
  • Pro Sports
  • Indy Racing League to Racers & their families
  • Patriotic Themes/Music
  • Youth Concerts
  • Stage Productions: "Escape To The Light", A Youth Outreach Production.


  • Four Love Publishing, A Division of Beaver Family Ministries

This family continues on to "share this light" that the Lord has given them - and to tell others . . .

Don't Give Up! Don't EVER give up!
Our God will see you through!

The Beaver Family is covered under The Shield of Oasis of Hope Church, Intl., in Surfside Beach, SC (USA). Jeff Wood, Pastor.

All gifts and contributions are fully tax deductible in the USA.

Natalie's Bio

Singer, musician and speaker

Leslie's Bio

Singer/songwriter and speaker.

Beaver Family History

How It All Began.