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Born prematurely with most of her internal organs on the outside, Natalie's chances of living were one-in-millions. Her determined fight for life also impacted those close to her. Natalie tells the story of this impact - the struggle of Barry and Cathy Beaver - behind this dramatic chain of events.

Share this victory and the lessons learned as they experience God's miraculous power.

Forward by Pat Boone

"When I first met Natalie Beaver several years ago, I was moved - of course - by her incredible, 'impossible' story.

So when I received this book, I relived that initial shock, disbelief, hurt, and dread. But I also felt emerging faith as I saw Barry and Cathy's gritty, never-say-die courage.

Natalie is a frank, thoughtful, and self-revealing look at both a horrible tragedy and the people who simply refused to let go.

The agonies and victories are etched page after page. I know many lives will be changed after being touched by little Natalie. Many already have."

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