About The Beaver Family

Beaver Family History

Barry and Cathy Beaver were born and raised in rural North Carolina, USA. Their Families carry a strong Christian background with a great love and appreciation for Christian, gospel music.

Cathy's grandfather, Charlie Wood (now with Jesus), was a most talented singer and musician. Born and raised in the m ountains of Georgia, USA, Charlie and his wife, Azzie, moved to North Carolina many years ago and raised their family. A sharecropper/farmer by trade, Charlie played guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin and just about any other stringed instrument he could get his hands on.

That musical ability - passed down to his son, Thurman, and to his daughter Cathy and now to Natalie and Leslie - all talented singers, songwriters and pianists.

Cathy's mother, Phyllis was a talented singer and performed regularly over local radio in the "Early Days" at age 15, when radio was in it's formative musical years.

On Barry's side of the family, both grandparents sang in church, but emphasis on talent and performance was on both sides of his family; that being The Henley(s), The Kepley (s), as well as The Beaver (s).

Much heritage and talent was passed on throught he generations, and many of the Kepley cousins still sing and play throughout this area.

Barry and his twin brother, Larry, were taught how to sing by their mother, Edith Henley Beaver, (now with Jesus). She was an accomplished singer writer and artist. Barry's dad, J.C. Beaver, played the string bass and Hawaiian steel guitar in churches and conventions throughout his life. J.C. also did several recording sessions with different gospel groups.

Their mom gave Barry and Larry a sense of direction in Christian music and a skill level in harmonies that set their musical course in Christian Living.

One of the biggest musical influences in Barry's life was his Aunt Louise Beaver (his dad's only sister) from Arkansas who went home to be with Jesus in April, 1989. Born with perfect pitch, she was an extremely accomplished voice teacher, pianist and singer. Taught from the "old school" of shaped notes, Louise taught Barry the basics of musical note reading at an early age.

When Barry met Cathy in 1973, the Lord set their lives in motion. Barry discovered his wife's anointed voice and watched the Lord begin to move through her singing and ministering to help set people free in Jesus.

As Natalie and Leslie were growing up, Cathy took them and develolped their singing talent. She taught them every song they ever sang, and gave them spiritual direction by the Holy Spirit. They now write, sing, and arrange most of the music performed by the family.

Natalie's Bio

Singer, musician and speaker

Leslie's Bio

Singer/songwriter and speaker.