Natalie's Miracle Story

"Mr Beaver, there's something wrong . . . " The doctor pulls the blue towels off our newborn infant - Natalie is less than an hour old - she is lying on an isolette table. The towels are pulled back and there I see in vivid detail all my baby's internal organs lying outsie her body - loose - spread out from her head to her feet. Five week premature. Some transparencies still exist. I can see fluids moving through vessels.

It's impossible, but nonetheless, it happened!!! The condition was called a "ruptured omphalacele." Shock sets in. There's no preparation for this. No knowledge that our Natalie was being formed this way. The doctor walks over to the wall. He's mumbling something. "Not connected . . . it's not connected."

Barry begins to react to the whole scene. He asks the doctor, "What's not connected?" The doctor said, "She didn't have an umbilical cord attached to anything." I blurted out, "Oh, it broke off at birth?" The doctor says, "No, it was never attached. She (Natalie) formed from conception this way."

The doctor then "poured" Natalie onto the isolette table, covered her with the blue towels and rolled her out to me.

The last words the doctor said to Barry was, "Don't expect anything. There's no hope. We send all babies like this to Charlotte (NC). Again, I say to you - there's no hope. Don't expect anything."

Those words came crashing into a young father, happy in the Lord, a young Christian who believed that God could do anything. In that hour, my entire knowledge of God and His Presence was under an attack I never before experienced.

Riding in the ambulance as they carried our Natalie to Charlotte, I thought of my sweet, little wife, Cathy. And did not know if she was dead or alive. They never told me.

The medical team at Charlotte Memorial Hospital took Natalie to the O.R. and performed a surgical procedure that simply "stuffed her organs back in her body, pulled skin around the mass, sowed her up with wires and sent her up to the Pediatric ICU to die." This was the quote given to Barry by the staff.

But Natalie didn't die!

Natalie developed full cirrhosis of the liver, cardiac arrest, gastro-intestinal problems, and chronic daily malfunctions in her little body. The liver condition alone would have ended a normal life. During her four months at Charlotte Memorial, Natalie endured many things. Barry and Cathy learned what Faith is.

The agonies and victories are etched page after page ion their book, "Natalie, The Miracle Child."

The miraculous, victorious healing is revealed in this book. Do not delay in getting your copy today. It will cause faith to arise in you and your loved ones.


"My daughter, I have spared your household for a testimony of my power. . . Now, you have this light. Now, you share this light with others."

Natalie was about a year old when this Word for the Lord was given to Cathy in a meeting many years ago. The Barry Beaver Family has been called to a level of ministry in Jesus Christ that will set captives free and heal the sick (in mind and body).

We have been called to reach all people of all races, color and nationalities with a total message of hope through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ here upon this earth. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, all men, women and children can be loved, healed and delivered into a life that is abundant with joy, love and peace through the power of Jesus Christ.

Natalie's Book

Read about the miraculous, victorious healing in Natalie's book.

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