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Natalie's Bio

Natalie is a noted singer, musician and speaker having been raised in a Christian family that has traveled and ministered over much of the U.S.A. and Canada, and through national and international television networks. She has been singing since age 3, performing duets, trios and solos with her family.

Her biography, "Natalie, The Miracle Child", (Four Love Publishing), documents the incredible events surrounding her impossible birth and miraculous healing. Her story has been shared over TBN, The 700 Club, 100 Huntley Street (Canada), TV 40 (Pittsburgh, PA) Dove Broadcasting Network, TV-49 (Augusta, GA) and the former PTL Network.

Natalie is an accomplished arranger and talented in vocal harmonies. She and her sister Leslie write and produce original songs and music. Born with a natural, musical "ear", Natalie arranges most of the vocals and music performed by her family.

Natalie is married to Chris Pangalos and they have two handsome little boys, Christopher Michael, Nicholas Alexander and their beautiful Victoria Noelle, who are the joy of their lives.

Natalie's Bio

Singer, musician and speaker

Leslie's Bio

Singer/songwriter and speaker.